Wetland Conservation Act

The purpose of the Wetland Conservation Act is to:

  • achieve no net loss in the quantity, quality, and biological diversity of Minnesota's existing wetlands
  • increase  the quantity, quality, and biological diversity of Minnesota's wetlands  by restoring or enhancing diminished or drained wetlands
  • avoid  direct or indirect impacts from activities that destroy or diminish the  quantity, quality, and biological diversity of wetlands
  • replace wetland values where avoidance of an activity is not feasible and prudent

It  is required that persons proposing to impact a wetland first, attempt  to avoid the impact; second, attempt to minimize the impact; and  finally, replace any impacted area with another wetland of at least  equal function and value.  Wetlands must not be impacted unless replaced  by restoring or creating wetland acres of at least equal public value.

The  Wetland Conservation Act is administered by local government units with  oversight provided by the Board of Water and Soil Resources.  East Polk  SWCD is the LGU for East Polk County.  Enforcement of the act is  provided by Department of Natural Resources.  The Wetland Conservation  Act became effective on January 1, 1992.

If you are planning any  projects that might affect any type of wet area, we encourage you to  stop by our office for a determination. We can inform you if your  project is under the jurisdiction of the Wetland Conservation Act.

For more information on WCA or to print and application visit the BWSR website.


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