State Cost Share Program

East Polk County has approximately 293,000 acres of cropland. 97% is considered to be eroding at a rate greater than "T", the allowable rate.

Priority Area I: A high percent of land in Critical Area I is susceptible to  water erosion due to steep slopes or severe wind erosion caused by open,  unprotected sandy soils. Soil loss is estimated to be anywhere from  7-18 tons per acre per year. Erosion is a serious problem in areas along  the Clearwater River, Lost River, and the Sand Hill River where private  and coutny ditches and tile enter.

Priority Area II: Wind and water erosion is not as critical due to moderate slopes and sandy soils  are protected to some degree by wooded areas. Soil loss will range from  6-12 tons per acre per year.

Priority Area III: Nearly level  soils composed of peat or till. Scattered areas have critical soil loss.  Soil loss will usually be les than 5 tons per acre per year.

Please refer to the East Polk County Wind and Water Erosion Map provided below for priority areas.

Some  common cost share practices include: Water and Sediment Control Basins,  Side Water Inlets, Grade Stabilization Projects, Streambank and  Shoreland Protection Projects, and Grassed Waterways.